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Page content added to post
Footnotes from an unrelated page were appended to a post
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Betreff: Page content added to post
I\'ve used Post Notification on a couple of blogs without problems before. I started a new blog which is part of a new content-heavy web site, wherein all the heavy content is in pages (not posts).

The first post sent via Post Notification today arrived with footnotes from a static page appended to the bottom. I use the \"Simple Footnotes\" plugin to add footnotes to the static pages.

I have checked the email template and can find nothing that would induce this.

When I use Post Notifications \"test\" function, and using the same post, the footnotes are not added. So it appears to be related in some way to the scheduling function (today\'s post was sent using the standard 360 second nervous finger delay).

Happy to send links to the post and pages in question, as well as the corrupted email.
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