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Emails with no content, unable to get into Settings
Unique problem pertaining to changes in WordPress installation
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Betreff: Emails with no content, unable to get into Settings
I operate a WordPress blog that resides on my laptop.  The only recipients of this locally installed blog receive post via email, the service provided by Post Notification.

The unique problem I encounter happens when I transfer the blog from one computer (or OS install) to another.

In the transfer of the databases and copying of plugins from one site to another, if your configuration file is lost or corrupted, then you may run into the problems I do, which is the aforementioned contentless emails, and an inability to get into the Settings dialog to troubleshoot the problem.

The key is to recreate the configuration folder and its attendant files.  Go into the database for the blog in question, browse through wp_options and look for the option name post_notification_profile (in my most recent case, this was option_id number 152) and look at the value.  This value is the name of the configuration folder Post Notification is looking for.  Either change this value to reflect an existing folder in the post-notification plugin folder, or create a new folder with the same name (case matters).  The default folder is en_US, so copying the contents of that folder into your configuration folder will at least get you back on track.
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