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Trouble creating pages
creating automatic pages using the feature in the settings menu
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Betreff: Trouble creating pages
I work at a college and we have two websites that use WordPress and both of them have PN on them. For one website, we are using WP version 3.0.4 and PN version 1.2.39 and for the other site we are using WP version 3.1.1 and PN version 1.2.39. Whenever someone tries to set up a page with the option in the Post Notification Settings tab, it creates a problem for their blog. On the site with WP 3.0.4, everything in the blog is fine except the pages. Trying to go to any page brings you to a blank page and you can't access and you can't see any of the pages when you go to the pages tab. This means you cannot delete the page you just created. Also, the @@post_notification_header does not get replaced. The only way to be able to access your pages again and delete the PN page that's causing the problem is to deactivate the plugin and delete the page when it is deactivated. On the other site, the one with 3.1.1, creating a page with the automatic option in the settings menu makes the whole blog inaccessible. you need to deactivate the blog to even see the homepage. Is anyone else having this problem, or is there a solution? I appreciate your help.

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