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Registering to a category and parents
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Betreff: Registering to a category and parents
  I am quite new to wordpress (setup around 3 sites so far) and  I have to say that PostNotification is one of the best addons I found.

  I have setup a wordpress site for the football school my kids are attending. The school have different groups (age groups) so I created the following category hireachy:

  -Football school
      -Pre Kids A
      -Pre Kids B
      -Pre Kids C
      -Kids A
      -Kids B

So for each group, they can visit their page which is actually the category and see messages posted for them.

So if my kids play for "Kids A", visiting "Kids A" category archive, he will see messages posted under "Kids A", "League" and "General" (quite the oppsite of how wordpress works). I manage to change the category archive template so it shows current group messages as well the parent categories (would be happy to share the code if needed)

I would like to add for each category archive page an input field that will allow the players to register for email feed for that "category" (which is comprised of the category and the category parents posting)

Any idea on how I can leverage Post Notification to do so? I don't want the kids trying to register using the list of categories for two reasons: It doesn't allow them to choose a parent category withough auto choosing all childs and second, because it is too complicated for them and their parents.

Your help will be appriciated.

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