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Comments by email possible?
If a user replies to a PN email, can that be attached to the post as a comment?
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Betreff: Comments by email possible?
I have set up one of my PN subscribers is a Google Group, so NP emails are echoed to a number of people.

People have gotten into the habit of Replying to the NP email and commenting on the post in the body of the email, not on the WP post itself.

Is there any way to set up a future version of NP (or maybe an entirely new plug in) so that if a subscriber replies to a Post Notification email, that email is parsed and attached to the post as a comment?

I have comment moderation turned on by default, so that may eliminate the potential for spam, although if an email came from a known blog subscriber OR was sent to a special email address, that may be verification enough.

Thanks for your thoughts on whether this could be made to work.

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