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Emails sent only in Settings page
dscotese #1
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Betreff: Emails sent only in Settings page
Here is a sequence of events in case it helps anyone:
1. Installed PN, left it in debug mode.  I did something wrong and I had to reset the page that automatically creates the subscription page, and then I had to update the post id.  That was not a problem.  Sorry I can't remember what I did wrong.
2. Subscribed, got an email about it, activated my subscription (I think I had to do that, but I can't remember for sure).
3. Waited a few weeks.  It's my sister's WP and I add features to it for her.  She made some posts.  Some other people subscribed.  I suspect that NO ONE got any emails about posts.  I know I didn't.
4. Visited the settings page for PN, didn't really understand the info on the debug page, but here's a breakdown now that I do:
    Shows # subscribers and current time.
    Lists email addresses and sends the next thing in the queue to them (if the queue is not empty).
    Displays the queue, which is a table of the fields shown in bold
    Shows the timing of the next email by displaying the current time if the queue is not empty, or the time of the last sent email if the queue is empty, and then also shows that time plus the "Pause Between Transmission" (even if it's in the past).
    The last thing it shows is "The last post was saved" which I don't understand because the last post was only created yesterday, and the date displayed is over two weeks ago.
5. Changed the "When to Send" setting from "shutdown" to "footer" and visited the front page to see if emails would be sent.  I didn't get one.
6. Noticed that I would get an email from PN each time I loaded the settings page.
7. Turned off debugging and then visited the front page.  Got an email.
8. Refreshed the front page and got another email.

Because of this, I believe that debugging mode causes emails to be delayed until the settings page is loaded. Therefore, I suggest that the following text:
PN is in debugging mode. This should only be on, if something isn't working correctly
should be changed to
PN is in debugging mode. This prevents PN from sending emails until this settings page is reloaded.
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