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Post Notification 'Test' page email enhanced with "to all emails" checkbox
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Betreff: Post Notification 'Test' page email enhanced with "to all emails" checkbox
First - thank you for the great Plugin, it is the best!

Second - my issue, suggestion, wish, feature request

I am not a PHP programmer, but i assume it would not be to complicated to integrate on the test page a check box "send test to all emails", instead of the need to type in single emails.
Alernatively a larger input text field (i.e. 5 lines) with all emails listed, so that someone can choose one to 'N' email subscribers.

The idea behind that is that i abuse your tool for sending newsletters which are not automatic, as i am changing a text in an existing post, but i am not creating a new post. This feature request would give me less pain sending those "newsletters"/updateletters to my subscribers and it may help also others to test email post in larger test groups before going live with a solution. As i said, for somebody who know PHP and the Plugin it i probably a no brainer to integrate this and i would appreciate it a lot!

Third - my offer

... as i said, i cannot help you with the PHP integration, but i read that you search help for the documentation. I could do probably the english version, but more likely 'die deutsche Version', as this would be my native language ;)

Thank You again Maoritz for this great WP enhancing tool,
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There will be newsletter support in PN 2.0. But at the moment, I'm having trouble to find time to do the coding. :-( Until then it's probably better to get one of the many Newsletter-mailers out there. There are really good ones. :-)
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