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Possible bounties or donations / Mögliche Belohnungen oder Spenden (Important)
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Subject: Possible bounties or donations / Mögliche Belohnungen oder Spenden
  • Simple, but boring: Money (ie Paypal)
  • The domain: postnotification.tld (tld = de, com, etc)
  • Hosting webspace and my domains (3 at the moment)
  • Write documentation (Coders hate to do so.... ;-) )
  • Review the code. I'm sure it's not perfect and especially the SQL could use some tweaking.
  • Optimize the HTML-to-text class. Karsten Tinnefled already did most of the Work, but I just don't have the time to finish it. Contact me if you are interested in this.
  • Whatever else comes to your mind.

  • Einfach, aber langweilig: Geld (z.B. Paypal)
  • Die Domain: postnotification.tld (tld = de, com, etc)
  • Webspace und meine Domains (Momentan 3)
  • Dokumentation schreiben
  • Den Code Gegenlesen. Ich bin mir sicher, dass er nicht optimal ist und vor allem das SQL-zeugs könnte sicher ein wenig Optimierung gebrachen.
  • Die HTML-zu-Text Klasse optimieren. (Karsten Tinnefled hat bereits den größten Teil der Arbeit gemacht, aber ich finde einfach nicht die Zeit das fertig zu machen. Kontaktiere mich wenn du daran interessiert bist.
  • Alles was dir sonst so einfällt
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Subject: Are you still there?
I use Post Notification on several sites and I'm very happy with it and I would like to donate some money to you but I seriously wonder if you're still there. Looking through the forum, I see a lot of spam and I do not see any recent answers to users' questions. So far the plugin seems to be working beautifully for me but if it needs to be upgraded for a future wordpress upgrade, are you still supporting it?

Before I donate money, I want to be sure you are still intending to support this plugin. I'm sure a lot of other people are wondering the same thing. Let us know, please!
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