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Page content appearing in theme header
fiberguy #1
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Subject: Page content appearing in theme header
I've installed PN because it appears to be the only thing that does what I want.  Everything is working great except for one thing.  I decided to follow the instruction to "Copy the wp-post_notification.php to your WP-root. Copy&Paste the url to the "Link to the Post Notification page" setting" in order to integrate with my site.  However, when you click on the link to subscribe, which is:

The contents of the subscription method appears in the header of the page instead of the body of the page.  You can highlight all the text that doesn't show up because it is black on black to see that everything is there.  If you fill in your e-mail address, you get the link to set up your subscription and you can set the settings, but those pages also have their content appearing in the header instead of the body.

Is there something that I can do to fix this?  I am using Tommaso Baldovino's Stardust theme and I really don't want to change the theme, so I'm trying to find out how to correct these placement problems.

Morty (Administrator) #2
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Basically you have to adjust the wp-post_notification.php and adjust it so it looks like the page.php.

Everything before get_header must be kept in wp-p_n and then you have to remove some stuff around have_posts() and replace it with
require_once(POST_NOTIFICATION_PATH  . 'frontend.php'); //load FE
post_notification_fe(); //run FE
And then the final file should end with

Sounds a bit confusing, but should be doable. At least if the theme isn't too messed up. Worst case past the the page.php here.
fiberguy #3
Member since Apr 2008 · 2 posts
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Thank you SO much for that quick reply.  It was the exact direction I needed and it only took me a few minutes to make the changes and now everything works correctly.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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