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More SPAM Protection Options...
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Betreff: More SPAM Protection Options...
Thank you very much for adding the IP display option.  As I'm working with Dreamhost that was the last item they required.  But now I have one more issue.  They do not want me to import my list without the user having the chance to authorize it.  Is it possible in the import feature that you have, that you add the ability to set the user as authorized or not.  If not authorized, then they would get the double opt-in email.  Then if they want to authorize me sending them email, they can do that, configure categories, etc. and your new system will record the IP and the authorization.  Once that is complete, I'm in business.  Is this possible?

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No, this isn't possible. Confirmations mails are sent synchronous. This means, that they are created and sent by the frontend-part of PN when the subscribe page is handled. Spontaneously I com up with three things you can do:
  • Send them all a Mail with a link to the subscribe page.
  • Add the Emails by hand.
  • Turn off the captchas and create a batch file with wget-requests adding the Emails.
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