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Different default template tag prefix (conflict with Textile)
Josef Hammer (Gast) #1
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Betreff: Different default template tag prefix (conflict with Textile)

it would be nice if there would be a different default prefix for the template tags (other than '@@'). '@@' conflicts with Textile (it's simply cut out as Textile thinks is marks an HTML block -- see Textile manual -- and therefore Post Notification finds no tags and thus doesn't replace anything).

I mean, I can easily fix that in my templates (by simply replacing '@@' with '==@@=='), but it creates some confusion for new users using both Textile and Post Notification.


Morty (Administrator) #2
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Hmm ok. How important is textile? One option is to turn textile off in the PN settings. And of course I can change the @@-stuff, but at the moment I this has quite an impact, because I don't only have to change the source but also all translatiuons. I'll keep it in mind, but I'll probably not going to change it.
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