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Images - fixed
shazahm1 (Guest) #1
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Subject: Images
Not sure if this is a bug or not...

My first post notification was sent out and I had a picture in the post. The html email had everything correct for the picture but the url, so the picture didn't show correctly [empty box]. Is there a way to fix this?
Morty (Administrator) #2
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Hard to say. That depends on how you added the picture. The Problem is that when the post is loaded from the server, the pictures can get addressed relative: /mypic.jpg. Your mail program doesn't know what URL is used, so it needs a absolute address: http://mydomain/mypic.jpg

Therefore there are some possibilities.
- You somehow persuade wordpress/your Picture Plugin to use absolute addressing.
- You find a plugin to do this - I had a very brief look, but didn't find anything
- You persuade someone to write this plugin.
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