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topic: Automatically Add Subscriber's Email to List Address and Unsubscribe link(Solved!) (After user registration, their emails will automatically add to List of Addresses in PN and Delete(Unsubscribe) their account as well as in PN)  in the forum: Suggestions and Wishes / Anregungen und Wünsche
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Quote by lyndonjohn on 2011-04-28, 07:23:
A. Automatically Add Subscriber's Email to List Address
You need to know first your:
database name
mysql host
database username
database password

hi lyndonjohn,

thanks for working on this feature. i really want to add it to my wp, but i'm not really comfortable to put the  username/password in the code.

is it possible to avoid this ? I think the "Export emails" plugin could access mysql without requiring the explicit username/password.


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